Introducing Cynizme™

Cynzime® is a new milk clotting enzyme derived from Cynera cardunculus is now approved for use in the USA and in Canada.  GRAS notification #551,

Samples are available from Enzyme Development.  Please email your request to:  You may also call 1.212.736.1580 x 240 or fax us at

The action pattern of Cynzime™ is different from the other clotting enzyme preparations.  It is slower and it does continue to work after the cheese has been set.  This means that it will require different processing and will give different tastes and textures.

In order to evaluate Cynzime™, our suggestion is to begin with small batches of milk and to use Cynzime™ use in combination with your current clotting enzyme preparation.  EDC produced Cynzime™ is standardized at 25 MCU/mg using the same MCU assay that our company uses for Papain and Bromelain.  We believe that this corresponds to an activity of approximately of 1 liter enzyme per 3000 liters of milk.   Therefore, we would suggest an initial evaluation of 0.3 milliliters per liter of milk, 0.6 milliliters per liter of milk, and 1.0 milliliter per liter of milk.

The experiments should be done without changing any other factor in your cheese production.  These experiments will give you a comparison of flavor, texture, and other factors.  You will have an established control  for comparison.  From this point, you will have a guide to potential new flavors or textures to add to your established cheese product line.


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Cynzime® is a registered trademark of Fytozimus Biotech, Edmonton, AB Canada.