These enzymes are generally used in fruit & vegetable juice processing and wine industries.  In one way or another, all of these enzymes are designed to hydrolyze some part of the pectin molecule.  All are liquid extracts from Aspergillus niger.

This versatile, broad-spectrum depectinizer contains all three types of the component pectinase (PL pectin lyase, PG polygalacturonase, PME pectin methyl esterase) for thorough pectin degradation and also has arabanase to reduce cloudiness.  Used for the clarification of fruit juices (including apple and grape) and the viscosity reduction of vegetable purees including tomato.

This is a special pectolytic enzyme product with high polygalacturonase activity for viscosity and increasing yields of apple & grape pressing.  Provides selective action on soluble pectin as a first stage treatment in mash to increase separaton without slowing down drainage.

A pectin lyase with almost no other side activities present. Useful in the preservation of “cloud” in pulp wash applications and viscosity reduction where clarification is not needed.

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