These enzyme preparations are designed to hydrolyze cellulose and related compounds. These related compounds include the hemicellulases. Hemicellulose is a broad category of polymers made up predominantly of five-carbon sugars.

ENZECO® XYLANASE S 200 A xylanase preparation derived from T. longibrachiatum (aka T. reesi).  It is powder standarized to 200,000 BXU/g.  Primary use is in baking and milling.

ENZECO® HEMICELLULASE 20M, Derived from Apergillus niger, this enzyme is high in a variety of galactomannan degrading activities.

ENZECO® XYLANASE AN900, A xylanase derived from Apergillus niger.  The principal uses are baking and milling, and animal feeds.  Lower in mannanase activity than Enzeco® Hemicellulase 20M but higher in cellulase side activity.

ENZECO® XYLANASE S CONCENTRATE, Our highest xylanase containing product.  This primarily suitable for use in baking blends or particularly in tablets where high xylanase activity is required tomake the appropriate size tablet.

MULTIZYME® BX+BG, A xylanase from T. longibrachiatum with high levels of beta glucanase.  Useful in animal feeds with significant amounts of wheat or barley or other grains high in pentosans.

MULTIZYME® BX-AN, A xylanase from Trichoderma longibrachiatum with significantly higher levels of xylanase than BX+BG and lower levels of beta glucanase.  This would be useful in animal feeds where significant amounts of wheat or a related frain is the primarily portion of the ration.  It is less useful on barely containing feeds.

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Xylanase use in Flour Tortillas