flavor modification

A new enzyme for flavor modification

An ongoing problem for Food Technologists doing flavor modification development is the potential bitter flavors due to over hydrolysis of a protein or from the hydrolysis of a very bland substrate.

Enzeco® Protease FNP is a very effective non-GMO multi-enzyme complex for both protein hydrolysis and debittering (including LAP and carboxypeptidase). However, if a flavor needs a bit of help for some extra debittering or if the application needs to reduce the bitterness faster, adding more of a protease may negatively impact the final protein structure or the desired flavor. To solve this problem, EDC is developing a very low endoprotease Leucine Aminopeptidase, Enzeco® Fungal Protease LAP.

When comparing our LAP to our Enzeco® Protease FNP and two other enzyme preparations, Enzeco® Fungal Protease LAP has a higher aminopeptidase to endoprotease ratio. EDC’s LAP is Kosher, Halal, and non-GMO. If your company is working on debittering applications, or if your company is searching for a true second source for a key enzyme activity such as leucine aminopeptidase, then please consider Enzeco® Fungal Protease LAP.

Endo Protease CFA pH 7.0/gLeucine Amino Peptidase LAP/gLAP to Endo Protease Ratio 

Enzeco® Protease FNP




Enzeco® Fungal Protease LAP  (under development)




Leucine Amino Peptidase from Lactococcus1




A Oryzae liquid flavor modifying enzyme 1




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