Lactose-Free Dairy

Lactose-free milk production

The Lactose-Free Dairy market has grown dramatically in the decades since lactose free dairy food options first began appearing in the retail marketplace.

The very first products were liquid biocatalysts that the consumer used to prepare milk overnight. The market has changed and multiplied so that now there are many ready to consume options readily available in the dairy section of the grocery stores.

Approximately 65% of people lose at least some ability to digest lactose after infancy, according to the National Institute of Health1. Thus, it is no surprise that more and more consumers are buying more lactose-free milk each year. According to Nielsen Retail Measurement Services, Lactose-reduced/Lactose-Free Milk sales increase by 35 Million units and $133 Million a year from 2018 to 20192. At Enzyme Development Corporation, our Enzeco® Lactase NL is the ideal enzyme to help meet your performance, Kosher, Halal and non-GMO requirements. It is a Kluyveromyces-derived liquid enzyme measured via the YLU (Yeast Lactase Units) assay. To maximize lactose hydrolysis in a lactose-free milk application, we suggest a dosage of 4300 YLU per liter of milk at 6oC held over a 24-hour period.

EDC also offers a highly concentrated and easily filterable lactase enzyme for use in Aldose systems—our Enzeco® Lactase KL.