Press release for ENZECO® FICIN 100

Enzyme Development Corporation is releasing a new food-grade biocatalyst, a botanical protease, ENZECO® FICIN 100.

Ficin, a natural non-GMO proteolytic biocatalyst from the latex of Ficus species (tropical fig tree), is approved for use in food and perfect for clean label products. Ficin functions similarly to other plant cysteine proteases, such as Papain and Bromelain, but has a lower deactivation temperature, making it ideal for meat tenderizing applications, particularly thin cuts of meat such as fajita strips.

Ficin is an endo-protease like papain and bromelain, but, since it will hydrolyze different amino acid links on the protein than papain and bromelain, it works well in combination with either of those proteases or both to more fully hydrolyze the protein than the single protease.

ENZECO® FICIN 100 is standardized on IP maltodextrin to an enzyme activity of 100 MCU (Milk Clot Units)/mg. EDC will also release a Ficin product standardized at 250 BAPA/g.

Contact information: info@EnzymeDevelopment.com or
Josh Chavkin Josh@EnzymeDevelopment.com