Other Enzymes

A purified food-grade liquid derived from Penicillium funiculosum that contains a mixture of glucanases, beta glucosidase (aka cellobiase) cellulase and hemicelllase. The primary use of this enzyme is for yeast cell wall hydrolysis and is suitable for use in organic products.

Applications: Yeast Cell Wall Hydrolysis

A food-grade enzyme preparation derived from Aspergillus oryzae that partially hydrolyzes tannin to cleave off gallic acid. Its primary use is to improve shelf life and flavor of tea beverages by reducing the potential for haze formation. It increases the quality of tea concentrates.

Applications: Tea clarifying

Activity assays: Tannase Activity Units (TAU)

Urease hydrolyzes residual urea in wines to prevent the conversion of the urea and ethanol to ethyl carbamate. Used primarily in wines that are baked or otherwise exposed to heat for an extended time. It is also useful in wine when urea levels exceed 5 ppm

Applications: Applications: Wine production

Proprietary blend of enzymes standardized to contain high amylase and protease activity as well as cellulase, hemicellulase, lipase, and lactase activity.

Applications include: • Food supplements/nutraceuticals


A mixture of proteasesamylasescellulases, and lipases. The primary use is in septic treatment products or bioremediation formulas. It is generally used as part of a blend containing enzymes, nutrients, and microorganisms.

Applications include: Cleaning drains, sanitary systems, and septic tank systems.

Activity assays: Protease Assay (PC)