Enzeco® Invertase AN is an enzyme that makes life a little sweeter.

February is traditionally a time where candy companies see a spike in sales, particularly for higher-end items, such as chocolate truffles.

These delectable treats are produced with invertase, an enzyme that hydrolyzes sucrose into glucose and fructose. By using this enzyme, candy manufacturers are able to convert a crystalline sucrose solution into a liquid, a necessary step in the manufacture of certain confectionery products, including truffles and other chocolates with cream centers.

The production of this type of confection involves the manufacture of a center, usually through starch molding, which is then enrobed in chocolate. The center must be firm enough to withstand the handling and processing yet will soften to a desirable creamy consistency by the time the consumer eats the product. Invertase causes this transformation by converting the crystalline sucrose present in the center to the syrup phase.

Cream-centered confections are a high quality, highly desirable treat, because of their rich taste and creamy mouth feel.

Enzyme Development Corporation’s Enzeco® Invertase AN from Aspergillus Niger offers a distinct advantage during processing compared yeast Invertase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, it is less temperature sensitive than traditional yeast-derived invertase, reducing the risk of deactivating the enzyme when heating the center base to incorporate the invertase. It also works at a lower pH, making it the ideal product when working with natural-colored centers and certain flavor profiles. 

Download our white paper about Ezeco® Invertase AN

Attached is information on using invertase in the manufacturing of candy centers and example formulations. If you have any questions about this product or application or would like a sample of Enzeco® Invertase AN, please contact us at info@enzymedevelopment.com or josh@enzymedevelopment.com.

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