Papaya and Papain

Low Odor Papain for Food Processing and Supplement Powders

EDC has developed a process to remove most odor-causing compounds associated with Papaya and Papain. The end product is papain with a significantly lower papain aroma, no added sulfites, and is OMRI listed for use in organic food processing.

It is well known that papain has always had a very strong odor due to the sulfur compounds that are naturally occurring within Papaya. This strong odor would sometimes carry over into a finished food product and would be a detriment to mild flavor, and low-odor finished food products such as hydrolyzed protein powders. This is one of the reasons that bromelain, a no-odor botanical protease, is often used to hydrolyze protein and is used as an active enzyme in a protein powder to support ease of digestion.  

Unfortunately, bromelain is experiencing a global supply shortage, requiring product developers to find other alternatives that do not impose odor on the finished product. Fermentation proteases are not always suitable in products where it is an active ingredient as they impose their own unique smell. Food scientists have often avoided papain in active applications because the papain smell is obvious. However, that situation has now changed; now food scientists can formulate with our low odor no-added-sulfite papain, ENZECO® Purified Papain RS – LO. ENZECO® Purified Papain RS – LO gives product developers a plant-based option that can be used in certified organic products, and they do not have to worry about any off notes on the product from the papain aroma.

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