Pet food forum

EDC is excited to be celebrating our 30th year at Pet Food Forum

Enzyme Development Corporation (EDC) will be at Pet Food Forum from May 1 to May 3 in Kansas City, MO.

In addition to our 30th year at Pet Food Forum (PFF), EDC is also celebrating our 70th anniversary. If you plan on attending the show, please stop by our booth, 1516!

Enzymes play an important role in the pet food industry. We all want our pets to eat healthy, nutritious foods, and it all starts with encouraging your pet to eat the kibble with the use of a palatent. A palatant (i.e.: flavor) is composed of digested proteins, fats, and other ingredients that provide attractive flavors and aromas to pets, and it is produced through enzymatic hydrolysis. A variety of proteases can be used for palatant creation, but papain is the most versatile protease and is easy to use. This heat-stable protease can accommodate reaction temperatures of 100-170°F and can be added at the start of the cook cycle or when the slurry reaches its desired temperature.

If you have any questions regarding the use of enzymes for palatant production, enzymes for hairball control, please stop by our booth at PFF or email us at EDC has a wide range of enzymes that meet AAFCO and AAFCO Natural requirements, including Enzeco® Ficin, a naturally occurring non-GMO protease from fig trees, and Enzeco® Papain RS, both of which are produced in the USA at EDC’s facility in Scranton, PA.

We look forward to seeing you in Kansas City and talking with you about how enzymes create new opportunities for your business.

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